Comfort is King

Every day begins with an act of courage and hope, Getting Out of bed.


We wanted a new, bigger bed for the Love House when Laurie and I moved back in. Laurie picked the mattress- it's a Love Bed, no kidding!- and it's great. I undertook to build frame, head- and footboard, and a larger undertaking it was than I'd anticipated. I'd had some wide leaves of mahogany veneer I thought I'd use, planning to run the grain horizontally and wrap it over the radiused top edges of the headboard and footboard. With L's help I attempted to lay up the first leaf: DISASTER! The stuff adhered but only in patches, bubbled, and generally disported itself in so unruly a fashion that it had to be planed off down to the plywood substrate. Back to the drawing board. I found a partial flitch of mahogany, ribbon-stripe this time, nicer stuff really. Stitched it up to make vertical panels, veneered the radiused portions first, horizontally, and inlaid wenge stringers between. The same short wenge plank yielded enough resawn material for the block feet. Support is provided by maple slats. I'd promised Laurie she'd not be sleeping beatnik come Christmas Eve- truth is, I didn't want to lever myself up off the floor for a single morning more. We steel-wooled out the last coat of finish and moved the bed in late on a rainy evening just before the holiday.

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