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You don't have to suffer, to be beautiful.

Semainier a traditional French form, always of seven equal-sized drawers, one for each day of the week (Semaine). It holds personal linen - freshly supplied by your bonne, or chambermaid, if you're lucky (avez de la chance). The veneer is a drappe bubinga, so named because the way it is sliced from the log gives it a "draped" appearance. Pulls and leg trim are Corian, a composite material, strong and carveable, that I use where les vieuxs ebenistes might have employed ivory.

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The drawers, hung on slender maple slides, have a most satisfying action



A top surface for lamp, clock, the reading you lay aside before sleep

Sheila semainier

Sheila semainier

Made from a single 2 1/2"-thick plank of ribbon stripe mahogany.

Ma Rousse Semainier

Ma Rousse Semainier

Always of seven equal-sized drawers, one for each day of the week

jewelry Keep

Melinda Garde-Bijoux

This dressing table was built for a client who adorned herself standing

Nicole's Vanity

Nicole's Vanity

Josh, esteemed rent-a-son, designed this.

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